Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Montana Summer 2013 + Grandma's 90th BDay

Julian's delicate hands.  An epic, post-July 4th, morning with my two brothers on the water.  Julian hammered them.  

A tribute to another epic moment on the water a few years prior.  Our snacks, while desperately hungover included a hippy's bag of unsalted, unWASHED, chalk-like almonds, two mandarin oranges, and a gallon of water.  At least we had a taco truck breakfast.  

Angie and Randy.  Angie picked up fly fishing quicker than anyone I have every met.  Its her athletic background, refined muscle memory, and her ability to see and then do that allowed her pick up the casting in, no joke, less than three days.  She then proceeded to become competitive with herself knowing when a cast could have been better.  It took her another day to set the hook and then she got it!    

Great day Randy, thank you. 

Our family had planned a two boat, family float including my parents, Angie, Tucker and his family, but a downpour came over the Buffalo Jump and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees in 30 minutes.  We decided that without enough rain gear for everyone only Tuck, Angie and I would float as cold rain fell for more than half of the float.  Nice mug.    

 Angie hooked a nice rainbow at dusk on her own.  Not wanting to adjust the drag on the reel while fighting the fish, she palmed the reel.  Look at that face,  great job!!

Angie's 1st fish.  We were going to call it a day, when I suggested she cast again since I knew that she had learned about keeping a tight line and the fishing was good.  Next cast she hooked a big Bow.  
20" Rainbow, her 2nd fish.  

I took a risk to invite Angie on an overnight river camping trip, but since she truly enjoys fishing, which is a home run for me, we made it happen last minute.  Due to a lack of time and ill planning, we put in at around 6PM and ended up having to camp on the side of the river since it was too dark and unsafe to continue floating.  I had a feeling that we were close to the campsite and in the morning, literally, around the next bend was the site.  Angie was terrified that bears may get us, which was a a very SLIGHT possibility even at that campsite, but even though we didn't sleep much, it was a great experience. Dinner was crackers, tuna, cheese, salami, and oreos.   

My new driftboat is actually older than I am, but its fantastic!  Bill, you are the man for scoping it out and fixing it up for me.  Its my ticket to camp and float, rain or shine. 

Prior to floating, we woke up with sunrise at 5AM and I knew Angie had to have her coffee, but since we had no stove, I had bought us a set of Starbucks frapaccinos.  

And then, Angie proceeded to hammer them.  I think she brought 7 fish to the boat.  Take one. 

Take two.

Damn! The biggest White Fish I've ever seen and it slammed her fly!   Most people call White fish a trash fish, but to me, they are freshwater bonefish.  

Grandma Carol's 90th Bday!  The matriarch of our family, we love you.  

Dad and his two best buds from St. Paul's School.  40 years had past!

Grandma as Sorority Queen back in the day.

Mountain lake Bow. 

Always release... Beauty colors. 

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