Sunday, February 2, 2014

Andros, Bahamas 2011

Nick and I fantasizing about the fishing that lays ahead.  

Snorkeling on beach at the hotel. 

                                                                      Permit among us.
 A set of Spiny Lobsters that I spotted while snorkeling.  Unfortunately, it was mating season so they       were off limits.   
Mosquito princess. 

Bug and Randy! 

Good bonefish. 

Bug and Alvin

This is bonefishing.. waiting for your shot. 

The clouds blanketed the sky so we spent half a day stripping flies  in the tongue of the ocean.  It is an incredible place where the ocean floor drops thousands of feet with flats only 50 feet away.  

My best fish of the trip. 

Nick took the fish of the trip. 

Pulling in after a great day (thank you Betsy for the pictures). 

Nick, Bug, Bill rigging down.  

Conk shack & Kaliks 

This one is for you Randy. 

Nick and I fishing hardcore after a full day on the water.  Can't get enough. 

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