Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Long Lost Blog

I have been lucky for the past few years to be able to focus both on my work and be able to pack in a few adventures here and there.  What I may have mentioned at the onsent of this blog was that I was on the verge of teaching English in Malaga Spain, after graduating from college, but once that fell through, I began to research gnarly trips that I knew I could not do (in terms of time away from work and real life responsibilities) once I began a career.  Hence Las Aventuras de Jahns Kabul was born and thus I embarked on an unforgettable road trip to Alaska!  

Since then, roughly two and half years ago, I began working for an oil service company.  I started out as a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Pilot and Technician, which allowed me to work offshore for 21 days at a time followed by 21 days off!!  The emphasis here, other than paying my dues offshore, is the time off.  But unlike the Aussies, Brazilians, and Norwegians who work similar jobs offshore, I did not get paid during my time off.  Nonetheless, I organized a savings plan to incorporate the following: 401k (8%), Roth IRA (3%), Liquid and Emergency (3%), Stock market account (5%), and BADASS Trips (5% +).  Again, the emphasis here is on the TRIPS! 

So, looking back on the three year gap between posts, I would like to update the public (I still have followers and page views to this day!) on some fun fly fishing trip photos since AK!  

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