Wednesday, January 29, 2014

MT 2011 & 2012

Pink Big Sky + Moby, our family's behemoth, white suburban.

Brother Julian seconds before spotting a wolf.                                             

Diamond Rock, Ennis Lake                                                          

                              Road up the Centennial Valley

I took one of my best friends, Ben S. to get a taste for Montana.  He had fly fished a few times, but after some coaching and invigorating an ancient athlete's muscle memory, the boy was hooked.  We fished for 7 days straight, nothing short of hardcore; from lakes, to rivers, to remote mountain ponds.  Proud to say, I got another friend who I can split time on the oars with. Great fall fishing with you bro!

But this beauty, caught in 6" of water, with a puppy yellow lab background stole the show.

   For all the subsistance minded nuts, this trout, as with all, was released.

Buller, named after a river in New Zealand showing some self control with steaks on the table.

Fishing buddies across the river. 

My Uncle Randy and I on the river.  He is heavily involved with Project Healing Waters, a fantastic organization that rehabilitates physically and emotionally disabled active military servicemen by leading them to fly fishing and other activities. 

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