Friday, November 5, 2010

Around North America in 80 Days

Trip Reflections:
Somehow, I managed to travel around this western portion of the world in nearly 80 days, but it was never a race and always enlightening.  Its interesting because there were times when people I spoke to had no idea where I had been, so I wanted to plot a lot of points on a map and show you the extensity of my trip.  I drove exactly 14,027 miles.  I inadvertently followed the Continental Divide for most of my trip, but since I was in search of mountainous beauty and great fishing it makes sense.   Now that I am back home I get to buckle down on the more real aspects of life after college and take care of some well-worth-it debts.  

Courtesy of Apple screen shot and Google Maps.
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Thanks Yous:
I want to take this chance to thank my parents because I had their enthusiastic support the ENTIRE time and I am sure that they were worried a few times.  You guys made the trip possible for me.  Gracias, como siempre.   

For those who were particularly generous and hospitable to me, thank you: Ben in Fort Worth, Lisa & Kurt and Frank & Barbara in Pagosa Springs, Grandma in Ennis, Bug and Randy in Helena (thank you for putting me in touch with great fishermen), Sussie and Tom in Kalispell, Dennis and family in Kenai, Monica and Richard in Calgary, Tod on the Bow River, Kent in Juneau, Bill and Nick in Ketchikan, Chester in Vancouver, Jen in Tofino, the Wilsons in Portland, and Javi in LA.  I learned that as much as I created this trip for myself, you guys enriched it.  Thank you. 

I want to thank the rest of my family and friends for supporting and hosting me along the way as well.  It was not only encouraging for me to here your optimism when we spoke, but it was necessary when things got lonely. 

Thank you to the following fly fishing guides and helpful people: The Reel Life in Santa Fe, Let It Fly in Pagosa Springs, Dan’s Fly Shop in Lake City, Madison River Fly Shop in Ennis, Fish Tales in Calgary, Adventure Guiding in the Kenai Peninsula, Darcy in Anchor, and Kenai River Fly Fishing in Cooper Landing.   

I want to personally thank Toyota Motor Corporation for providing the best possible vehicle created to roam the US and Canada’s more wild terrain.  I began my trip with 240,000 miles and never had an issue.  Originally owned and exceeding 250,000 miles is unbelievable and yet I never doubted it.

**I hope that this adventure and online journal is one of many that I will have the chance to share with you.  It has been a pleasure keeping you guys informed.  

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