Friday, November 5, 2010

West Hollywood

Chilled mugs.

Days 69-72
Essentially, we chilled just like we did when we were in college and remembered our “peak years” since they are long in the past now.  We woke up around noon and went to IHOP for breakfast.  West Hollywood is an interesting town, its right off of Sunset Blvd. and is loaded with wealth, trendy people, and incredible weather.  After heading back to catch up on sleep since the drive was exhausting, we went to a local sports bar and watched the phony Lakers inch off the Houston Rockets late in the forth quarter.  Then he showed me some new cool video games for a few hours.  Our itinerary mimicked my visit to Buenos Aires when we were studing abroad: he in Argentina and me in Santiago, Chile.  The schedule went: go out, stay late, sleep in, eat, nap, go out again.  But this time, Javi hooked us up. 
Street art.
He had just finished an internship with a fancy hotel and knew the owners of a Hollywood Star Homes tour.  We checked that out for a couple hours and saw the homes of the richest of the rich on Beverly Hills; you name it, we saw it.  We then had dinner at a local Chinese spot and watched a terrible movie.  DO NOT watch Paranormal Activity 2, I do not recommend it at all. 
Santa Monica Beach
For our last day, we chilled around town some more, checked out Santa Monica Beach at sunset, had dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp place (themed after "Forest Gump"), and then went to one of LA’s most sought after clubs.  Drai’s was outstanding because it has a number of outdoor cabanas where people host private parties. Given the Halloween theme, costumes and celebrities were out and about.  Javi and I had a great last night in a big city and crashed at an un-godly hour. 

The next morning, I washed a load of laundry and booked it for Las Vegas to check in to the Monte Carlo, pick up Claire, and start enjoying the rest of my trip.  

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