Thursday, October 14, 2010


Day 57
I had read that the food in Vancouver has a wonderful Pacific influence so I stopped at a sushi bar in North Vancouver and had Tuna and Salmon Sashimi and a side bowl of Udon noodles.  The sushi was extra fresh while the noodles were only ok.  I asked the manager if he would like to purchase my salmon and/or salmon roe that I had caught, but he did not dare think about it since it was a health hazard to purchase fish from individuals and not the suggested healthy option. 
A cottage among modern homes.
Botanical Gardens

That night I met up with a family friend’s son, Chester, who is living the dream and is making a life for himself in Vancouver (and on his own I should metion).  The dream is to ride BMX freestyle bikes in hand built and dug parks in the woods with jumps up to thirty feet. Along with convincing the city of Vancouver to fun his idea he is also a part owner of bike parts shop which growing as we speak.  He gets to test bike parks around the globe and chill with similarly radical bikers!  It is cool because I know his parents fairly well and it is great to get to know him in a town which is just as cool.  We had a mini slide show trading pictures, stories, and music over drinks.  It was great to meet his lady, Randi, who has some great things going for her as well, including a leather-recycling, purse design company.  I am stoked and thankful to crash on his couch, shower and chill with someone my age. 

If your interested in seeing what Chester does check it out (look for the long red lochs) at: and Randy’s cool company is:
Back 1/2 of a flower as legit as the front half. 
The hand dug and built ramps.
This morning we made an egg breakfast and Chester loaned me a bike to tour the city.  I headed to the Botanical Gardens that my uncle Randy suggested.  It is a sixty acre garden with all kinds of plants, flowers and trees from all over including a few trees I recognized that were from Chile.  The next priority was to find a Dim Sum restaurant since the Asian influence in Vancouver is immense.  I went to the wrong side of Broadway street which meant I was thirty minutes away from the spot I found online.  Seeing that it was 2:30 PM I only had thirty minutes to find a new Dim Sum place before they closed.  I poked my head into a French lunch bar and a Chinese waiter directed me to his favorite Dim Sum restaurant fifteen blocks away--what good luck.  He drew me an accurate map and I made it before last call.  The restaurant was no longer pushing carts but with a picture menu I knew exactly what I wanted.  The house special was a fried shrimp dumpling which was out of this world good.  From there I headed to Vanier Park to ride around with the bike that Chester let me borrow for a couple hours. 
Downtown from the mainland

I rode on a bike path that locals jog, ride, walk, and read in along the False River of downtown Vancouver.  It is right by the water across from downtown Vancouver--the perfect city environment.  I was stoked because the sun was out and it was almost warm enough to wear shorts.  I rode for a couple hours past the third bridge and back and was in awe.  Vancouver is a mix between San Fransisco, La Paz, and Boston, in my mind.  And even then its its own.    

I then met up with Chester, who his buds call him Cheddar due to his red hair, at the shop.  They were moving from one store to another so they were painting the room all day long.  I got to chill with a bunch of guys who run the shop and they seem to be living the dream too.  I got to know Randi a bit better and its great to see how they are making it for themselves in a motivated environment.  Now Im slugging at the appartment and have not decided whether or not I am going to the Vancouver Island tomorrow or not yet.  That is the beauty of being on a trip like this!
Chester & Randi

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