Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last day in Juneau

Day 43
After updating the blog this morning, I cleaned my car, washed some dirty clothes and pots, found dry ice to freeze the salmon I had had in my cooler and topped off the oil, gas, and power steering fluid before I continued on my trip tomorrow.  Then I fished a river called Kowee Creek that is a relatively small river that flows into the sea, which sees its fair share of salmon every year.  The scenery was picturesque, to say the least, and I was stumped not to see any salmon for the first few hours.  I headed up stream and in a slow moving section of the creek, underneath a tree, was this fresh Silver.  Being loaded with eggs I decided to slice a sliver and have the MOST fresh salmon sashimi possible along with caviar.  The salmon was delicious, but the roe was even better.
Bright Silver. 
After fishing, I promised Kent and Jill's daughter, Finley that I would go to her birthday party at the local fish hatchery.  The Juneau Hatchery is just as much a museum as it is a hatchery with live aquariums, touch tanks and all.  Finley was very cute with her friends, at one point a herd of five year olds were racing around an aquarium and she would point and introduce me to them as the sped by.  I enjoyed the pizza, popcorn, grapes, and cake, but it was great to see her happy.  It reminded me of how spoiled I was as a child and how much fun I had.  

I came back to the house and have been organizing things for the ferry to Ketchikan, which is a drawn out thirty-three hours due to its five stops along the way.

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