Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ennis, MT

Day 13 - Grandma and I have had a great time.  I ran a few errands, splurged on fishing equipment, touched up on the paint job for Moby (my brothers new 91 white Suburban) and got reorganized.  Grandma's house has been transformed-the old paint blasted, a new clear coat, new chinking, and new facia.  The house is not yet done, but looks great! I cannot post any pictures yet because it is a surprise for my parents who are going to spend Labor Day up here.
Dinner and a movie. 
Anyway, Grandma and I have had a couple memorable meals at the house and it has been great to relax in the great MT state.
This video is amazing because the two of us were eating breakfast at her glass table where we noticed this reflection on the ceiling.  It went from staged to candid :)

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