Saturday, August 21, 2010

Santa Fe - Pagosa Springs

En route from 64 (W) to 84 (N)
Day 3 -  I woke up, worked out, had some breakfast and headed out to the Reel Life Fly shop in downtown Santa Fe.  I got some pretty good advice on fishing the Rio Grande north of Embudo on highway 40.  The water was fishy, but since it was a Saturday there were about 30 white water boats, which were extremely frustrating, so I only took a few small bass.  The more exciting part of today was driving on Taos Wilderness back country roads that required 4-wheel drive.  Through Chama, NM and into Pagosa Springs, CO was an exciting drive because the terrain went from desert-like, dry, and hot, to high altitude, cool, and with a fresh pine aroma.  I got to see a red fox, a dike biker couple, and a table-top view of Pagosa Springs from the Chama mountain pass.  
I met up with Ben's grandparents who were very kind to take me in, take me out to dinner, and let me stay at their son's vacant apartment, where this erie turkey resides.   

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  1. Ansel, it was great having you stay with us. Ben and you have both experienced the "erie turkey" - Anna too!
    Kurt & Lisa Raymond