Saturday, August 28, 2010

Flaming Gorge & Green River

Day 10 - I woke up at 6 AM to drive to the bottom of the Flaming Gorge Dam, but again, the fishing did not pick up until about 9AM since the water temperature was too cold.  The scenery was beautiful, the Flaming Gorge Dam was built in the 60's and is at an altitude of 6000ft, which means that the water is normally cooler.  

The Green River that flows from the dam was truly pristine (sometimes it takes an experience to realize what words were intended to mean) and teeming with fish.  Weirdly enough, I could see hundreds of fish 16"+ some 22"+, but up near the dam in slow moving water, these fish seemed to be spawning.  I concluded this in three ways:
1) There were pods of fish all around me, unafraid of my movements--I netted one that was too close just for fun. 
2) The couple that I caught were extremely lethargic.
3) I called the fly shop asking what the trouble was and he said, its an anomaly, but since the water is so cold and in really slow moving water, some trout spawn all year.  

Sure enough the fish were preoccupied and the fishing was not incredible.  A few times, a had a brown trout from a deep pool come up and stare at my fly three times in less than a minute, but never taking it.  I tied on 7x tippet (the thinest possible so it would be tough to see) and tried nearly a dozen variations and different flies.  I guess the Green River there is heavily pressured. I did have some luck, but given the number of fish that I saw, I shall return during another time of year.  But I wish not to detract from the beauty, the water is gin colored, the canyon is high, and there are many LARGE trout in the river. 

I set out to Jackson, WY from there, experienced an intense rain storm while driving on another mountain pass and strolled into Jackson Hole for a delicious and spicy Pad Thai dinner.  For now, I am going to crash at a hostel that has horrendously slow Wi-Fi after having a couple beers.  

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